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>Kristian Jensen wrote:
>> There's that stereotyping thing again ruining the intended humour.
>> All stereotyping aside, you have to admit that homophony of grass
>> and hair in TokPisin is funny.
    THEN Nik wrote:

>Not homophony at all, polysemy.  Besides, it's not really all that
>funny, IMO, no funnier than our usage of the same word for a flying
>mammal and for a piece of equipment used in Baseball.  Besides, at least
>grass and hair have a resemblance, the two kinds of bats look nothing
>alike!  :-)

    LOL. G'point. Talkin of bats (the flyin mammal kind), I like fruitbats!
In my personal & poetic use of metaphor, I say "gooey as a fruitbat" & "make
like a fruitbat" in the context of certain sexual practises, esp'ly oral  ;}
    My grrlfriend likes her "goofy lil fruitbat." hehe...