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>Barry Garcia wrote:
>> Come on now ;) Have you seen this creature move? In water it's faster than
>> in the trees, and it's so slow moving. I hear theyre so slow and mellow
>> they even get algae growing in their fur). They really dont do much other
>> than look for food, and swim when they have to.

    Mia "Slothette" Soderquist wrote:

>Sounds like they have the right idea.
>But I would say that, having a warm spot in my heart for all
>sloths, since my husband and I have decided that the exhibit of
>the skeletons of the [extinct] giant ground sloths (The Great
>Ground Sloths, as we call them) at the museum of natural history
>in Washington, DC are a shrine, and we make pilgrimages when we
>can to pray to the sloths. Just being silly, of course. We are
>exceptionally silly people...
>Oh, I need a M˙jatx word for sloth, both the 3-toed and the giant
>ground. I think it has to have n's in it. Nalis? I like that.
>Ka m˙nta ad _Smithsonian_. Smixon˙an?  Yeah, that's it. Love it.
>Yes, I do.

    YiPPy!!! More sloth friends!!!! Sloths are IMHO some of the most
interesting animals this side of humans, chimpanzees & other primates!!!


P.S> my polyglot fiend friend Yuri nicknamed me "General Sloth" because of my
"capabilities for surving and thriving under very unusual circumstances"...
that is high praise indeed coming from him (he being ex-SPETSNAZ/KGB & a
veteran of Afghanistan)