Ack! You are right! This is where that lovely habitual comes

Perhaps it should have been:

Ad derex eteredje f˙yititx.
the gods are-habitual-neg. subtle(adj)
Ad derex f˙yiteredje.
the gods are-subtle-habitually-neg.

These mean something closer to "The Gods are never subtle," which
is what they mean. In the culture I have sorted out to go with
this language, this proverb would be true. Who or what the gods
are, I don't know, but these people see their direct and
not-so-subtle influence in their history, for better or worse.
Also, the saying could also have a "when it rains, it pours"
sentiment to it, in addition to the more literal meaning.

Roger Mills wrote:
> +AD4-M+AP8-jador A:
> +AD4-Ad derex etedje f+AP8-yititx.
> +AD4-the gods are-neg. subtle(adj).
> +AD4-
> +AD4-M+AP8-jador B:
> +AD4-Ad derex f+AP8-yitedje.
> +AD4-The gods are-subtle-negation.
> +AD4-
> +AD4-The former being a form that seems quite the English relex. +AD4-
> Perhaps, but mightn't it also be that (A) means +ACI-they aren't subtle +AFs-now, in
> this case-- but usually they are+AF0AIg- vs. (B)  +ACI-they aren't subtle +AFs-in any way
> whatsoever, a permanent quality+AF0-.+ACI-??
> Looking forward to more, especially the con-culture.


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