Sylvia Sotomayor wrote:
> Yeah, okay, I just wonder how many of those words in the StraightDope answer
> actually contain one of the two roots for snow.

I noticed two contained the syllable "taq", I wonder if that's a root,
or mere co-incidence?  But, other than that, they appear to be
unrelated, at least at a glance.  If they use any kind of ablaut, then
there's several others that may be related, like _hiko_ and the _hiku-_
of _hikuliaq_.  Eight of the seventeen end in -aq, I wonder if that has
a meaning, or just more co-incidence?

But, of course, some of these words refer to _ice_, rather than _snow_.
And is certainly a lot less than "hundreds", as has been claimed by

And he goes on to say that they have "20 words for trout", without any
examples.  Hmm, is there gonna be a "Great Eskimo Trout Hoax", now, with
people claiming hundreds of words?  ;-)

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