On Wed, 14 Jun 2000, Nik Taylor wrote:

>Padraic Brown wrote:
>> Sure, after they've seen or heard War of the Worlds! They'll think
>> twice once they've seen Independance Day...
>I think that if there ever were an alien invasion, TV wouldn't play a
>part, except in announcing that there is intelligent life there.

Probably. Just trying to have a little fun, here!

If they're technically advanced enough, they may not even be able
to detect tv or radio; what with all their ftl communications
systems and all.

>Or some real-estate developer acting on out-of-date information buys
>the rights to Earth and discovers an inconvenient local population

Indeed. Well, what with eminent domain and all... I'm sure they'd
give us fair market value for the place. :)


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