I was responding to Nicks comment on comfort in my last post (from my own
experience in subtropical/temperate diving, which is WWW compatible most of
the year  :-)

At 01:03 19/06/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>This seem like an awful lot of trouble.  It seems that everyone who tries
>the wings loves them.  I have yet to hear a good reason to give up my
>convenient BCD for my www diving.  ...

I'd have thought that your comment "It seems that everyone who tries the
wings loves them" is a good reason.  I would list (among other things):

* Less drag and clutter (particularly in front, the other day I went to
inflate my wings and realised I had already passed my gear up to the boat  :-)
* Less cross sectional profile, for tight spots
* No dangly bits to catch on stuff (includes having the correct length
hoses and clipping stuff off to the harness)
* More structured layout (inflator hose, backup reg, HP guage, etc are
always in the right place (put your hand on them right away, no searching))
* Balanced rig (more noticable for cooler water diving obviously)
* Sensible air sharing method (plus extra length hose for giving you
options while sharing air)
* Same basic setup regardless of type of diving

I'm sure I could think of more.

As far as being a lot trouble, only you can judge that.  In my
experience...   ...I get the comment nearly every time I order some
"exotic" bit of dive gear in.  Why use DIN valves instead of yoke?  Why
order in a "special" pair of fins and straps instead of getting what the
shop sells?  Why spend time thinking about the way my gears layed out?
Maybe I'm a gear freak  OR  Maybe it's because I figure that every
potential problem I solve out of the water is one less thing that could
impact on the enjoyment, comfort and safety of my diving.  As a DM I also
figure I should set an example and it's interesting learning more about
equipment anyway (I'm always being asked about my gear or to explain the
workings of different items others have no experience off).

>...It travels easy, nothing on my crotch,
>sets up easy, etc.  Some talked about the balance and stability but that is
>not a problem with my BCD.  Traveling, a heavy back plate has no appeal.

Others discuss this.  It's your call (I always found my old stab jacket a
pain to travel (too bulky) with but haven't been anywhere with the wings).

>I just don't get it.  Maybe it is some tech thing, but for my www diving in
>the islands, it still seems to me that my good ole BCD seems fine.

I'm not a techie.  Obviously techies benefit most from simplifying their
setup but IMO most of the bells and whistles rec manufacturers come up with
just make for an ill conceived mess (benefiting only the manufacturers
bottom line).

Just my opinion.  I don't have the time or inclination to ram it down
peoples throats.  If the info is out there you can make up your own mind.

Cheers (back to the exam marking I go),


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