At 17:43 19/06/2000 -0700, Ted Phelps wrote:
>Halcyon sent me a course, complete with final exam called a Ballast Mediated
>Airway Protection Specialty Course.  I purchased one of their weighting
>systems, along with a keel weight that straps to the tank.  I don't know if
>they make this available separately, or if you have to purchase the keel
>weight to get it.
>The author is Lawrence M. Coyne, and is copyrighted 4/25/96 by him and
>Brownie's Third Lung, and is published by Brownie's (Halcyon).

Sounds good.  I didn't get anything like this when I bought the ACB system
so may just go with the keel weight system as you say (I was too cheap to
buy something I figured I could make for myself (particularly with the
freight on 6 pounds of lead from the US)).  What format is the course in?
Wonder if there is an online version (I do remember a link on the old
Halcyon site to a site with info on ballast, don't think I saved the URL),
I'll have to search around.



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