>From: Oskar Gudlaugsson <[log in to unmask]>

>First, the list of umlauts:
>a > ö
>a > e
>o > y
>u > y
>ú > ý
>á > æ
>ó > æ
>vo > væ (was vá > væ, part of á > æ)
>jó > ý
>jú > ý
>au > ey

Say, the Latin-1 characters got mangled.  Can you repost (just this part) in
ASCII?  I'd describe characters as 'o-umlaut', 'ae ligature' or 'ash', etc.

Thanks; I'm toying with umlaut in at least one of my conlangs, and I need
some natlang ideas.

What are the rules -- and causes -- of umlaut in other Germanic languages?

Daniel A. Wier  
Lufkin, Texas USA

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