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>>  >Si Kantjil (modern Kancil) is a trickster figure.
>>      I have - for a longtime - felt a strong kinship to Trickster figures,
>>  esp'ly Sun Wu K'ung, Chinese Trickstergod, a.k.a. "Monkey", Sage Equal to
>>  Heaven, Tripmaster Monkey, Col. Sun, etc..
>>      So much so that I feel like I am co-inhabited by Sun Wu K'ung.
>>      zHANg
    mathias wrote:
>is it the monkey of the monkey festival in hong kong?


>funny that: si kancil actually manages to deceive the monkey by
>stealing fruit from him (but i can't remember how).

    Tricksters are sometimes the victims of mischief too. A really good book
on Trickster archetypes is _Trickster Made the World_ (I don't have it here,
so I can't remember the author's name).