Okay, here it is. I've give a line-by-line transliteration later on, I'm
too tired to do it right now.

Some notes on pronounciation:

th: /T/ normally, /D/ when intervocalic
sh: /S/
zh: /Z/
kh: /x/
gh: /G/ (voiced velar fricative)
n: /n/ normally, /N/ when proceeded by or following k, g, kh, or gh.
j: /j/ when intervocalic or preceeding a vowel, diphthongizes a
following vowel with /i/: "aj" is /ai/, "aja" is /aja/.

Stress falls on the last syllable of the root of the word. For verbs,
adjectives, adverbs, numbers and pronouns, this is the syllable
preceding "ot", "ap", "ep", or "ip". For singular nouns, it is the last
syllable ending in a consonant, unless that syllable is "-om", which is
the ablative case suffix, in which case it will be the syllable before
that. Plural nouns will have "-as-", the stress should go on the
syllable preceding this. Sorry if this explanation is confusing, I'm
tired as I type this and it may not make much sense.

1. Ukhot olot Ter ibotami ukhoto zejoto sereko un ukhoto zejotaso

2. Van donepasami omas ukhotom ojom, erepas sukepasami uzoto loto duz
ukhotaj Shinari palaj.

3. Uzap omap srekapami uzopaj, "Nomepasugh kamepasoka ebo, un nurepasoka
erotaso." Eb upotami asoto erepasaj, un at upotami kemo erepasaj.

4. Erepas srekepasami, "Nomepasugh kamepasoka uzoto kero un uzoto tono,
un ukhoti toni nal upotothi duz ukhotaj igaj. Nomepasugh kamepasoka
ejaso uzoto mano nomepasughaj kaz kam, zol nomepasugh dokepasotha sul
ukhoto oloto Tero kaz sepen."

5. Ugh donapami ukhoto ukhepasi omasi kero un erepasi tono kaz visen,

6. un Ugh srekapami, "Vel dan uzotaj serekaj upkamepasi ejvomepas
erepas, ot nan upotothi nakamot erepasaj.

7. "Nomapugh nasrekapotha erepasi sereko, un uzep om na donsrekepothi
uzopi odesaso."

8. Ugh sepenapami ejvitap erepaso sul ukhoto loto Tero, un erepas
jozhepasami ukhoto kero kaz kam.

9. Erot manotami ejvitot Babelo: thenaj nasrekapami Ugh ukhoto ukhoti
oloti Teri sereko, un thenom sepenapami Ugh sul ukhoto oloto Tero ukhepo

Any comments on the sound of the language or anything else will be