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 is due to David salo, not me! :-)
> At 21:48 27.6.2000 +0100, Dan Jones wrote:
> >All I know is that it is early, and was bought to Caedha by some
> Croats who
> >happened to slip through the dimensions.
> Has there appeared any Buddha in Caedha in historical times?
> Else it would
> be about time for one... ;-)

I don't know. The Caedhan nations seem to be principally european, not
asian. However, the Chavese are an Indic people who live over the mountains
to the south of Cendos, maybe there was a Buddha incarnated there. However,
the Chavese are a rather isolationist people so the rest of Caedha probably
wouldn't find out.

> (And don't tell me there wouldn't; Buddhas do appear in all world systems
> at regular intervals! :-)

Ah, if you mean an enlightened person incarnated to help humanity on its way
to greater spiritual perfection, then yes. There was the prophet Tenendos,
who lived around two thousand years ago, at the zenith of the Carastan
Empire, who reformed Carastan religion and moved it less from sacrificing
animals to something more along the lines of respect for nature and
communion with the divine. Since then, there hasn't been anyone special,
except the Patriarch of Géredou in the 22nd century (c. 1500 CE), who killed
himself by starvation while praying non-stop for the salvation of his people
and that the Hinnashai would not invade. They didn't until about 100 years
ago, so Patriarch Mecreise is revered as somewhat of a saint.


Lo deu nu preca ęl'aisún necoui.  God prays at noone's altar.

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