I'm working on the encoding of a modern piece of scholarship complete
with its endnotes to source material both bibliographic and manuscript.

I've reread Section 6.10 a couple of times and am having some challenges
understanding the tagging of manuscript as distinct from bibliographic
citations. Nor did section 18 bring me around to a clearer

For example, here is the citation as it appeared in the publication:
"Berczy to Smith, November 30, 1794, Berczy Papers, Archives of

Should Berczy be <author>? <signed> hardly seems appropriate and my
parser says it's illegal inside <bibl> in any event.
Is Smith as recipient only a <name>?
The <date> seems obvious.
The <title level="u"> should be the Berczy Papers, should it not?
Can we do better than <publisher> for the name of the repository?

Or should this simply be untagged text within a <note>?

Is there a "best practices" that refines this section of TEI P3?

Walter Lewis
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