I find that there is a way right now to use a broader range of
non-ascii symbols for conlanging on the web. Presently the Greek
alphabet and a nice set of math symbols are available. First, one has to
download the free Amaya browser from the world wide web consortium

This is an experimental browser under rapid development. It hasn't
caused me any major problems on my win 95 32bit machine. All the info
on its use is on the site and in the help menu. I think that
mozilla may also be able to read math xml.

I was able to fulfill a dream of mine to use logographic symbols
for vector tense using this small starter subset. It boggles the mind
to think that in a matter of months or a few years one will be able to
conlang with most of Unicode, as I understand it. We probably will have
an unprecedented mixing of fonts from all languages, with novel

I just put my first scratch page up temporarily at:

Please take a look. (But it does require the Amaya Browser to see
the new letters.)

BTW I would like to graft vector tense to regularized English,
but only as a group project. Is anyone interested? Perhaps a set
of changes could be made to English which would not destroy its
legibility, yet would optimize it in many parameters. A kind of
guided and accelerated evolution.

dreaming still,

Jerry Koenig   [log in to unmask]