>Date:         Mon, 17 Jul 2000 10:42:49 -0700
>From: Sylvia Sotomayor "<[log in to unmask]>"
>Subject:      Re: Unicode, Amaya, Vector Tense
>It is available for Linux, too, so I downloaded and installed the rpm. Very
>interesting. I looked at your page, and it does a nice job with the Greek
>letters. Then I pointed it at my page, and it does not display gifs well, nor
>does it do Javascript. But, I like it as an html editor. I usually do all my
>html by hand because html generators generate too much stuff. They are specific
>where I never meant to be specific. This one works fairly well, though.
Hi, Sylvia,

I like the editor too. I run it with two horizontal windows showing the
page and the html at once, windows tile horizontally. I use the
"synchronize" function a lot.  One thing is that the code generated
will vary depending on the type of entity selected from the menus, ie
epsilon can be a math identifier with full math xml code or simply a
greek letter. It took me a while to notice that the "save as" function
gives a choice between html and xml too. Linux is definitely in my
future as I am an old sheller at netcom.

Please keep posting your experiences with Amaya.


>> I just put my first scratch page up temporarily at:


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