On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Kaleissin wrote:

> So what say ye? I say "better safe than sorry". Let's dump egroups.

As long as that doesn't mean that we're stuck with the web front-end
(in effect, can only access the mailing list on the web) I say 'aye'.
But I *loathe* web mail - and that's not an accessibility problem
because I have a 24/7 cable connection, but purely an interface
problem. I've dropped another list, interesting though it was,
because it went web-only.

Can anyone do majordomo or something like that? I'd do it myself, but
I don't want our cable ISP to get wind of the fact that we're hosting
anything; though they presumably don't mind people downloading huge
amounts of porn and pop music, they're adamantly against people
hosting even a text-based web server or mailing list on their


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