Roger Mills wrote:

> ObConlang:  Kash N: andra, S: umbrik, E: aros, W: ures.  No etymol. at the
> moment.

Tokana has terms for the cardinal directions which were borrowed from another
language, and for which no etymology is available:  _heut_ "north", _set_
"west", _is_ "south", and _tsim_ "east".  (As in English, the half directions
are compounds of these, e.g., _tsihmeut_ = "east-north", i.e. northeast.)

These cardinal direction terms are not much used, however.  It's more common for
the Tokana to indicate direction by means of local geographical features.  Some
such terms are _ilaltaut_ "towards the shore", _sisihtaut_ "towards the nearest
river", _ufialhaut_ "away from the shore", and _sihkasout_ "upstream".

There's also _ahuafaut_ "going with the sun" (i.e., in the same direction as the
sun's movement across the sky--roughly west) and _ahokasout_ "going against the
sun" (i.e., in the opposite direction of the sun's movement across the
sky--roughly east).