Hi, all,

I'm coming into the home stretch on my quasi-Germanic language, Goesk.  I
had to tell someone, so I'm posting!   I've written the grammar, and revised
it as I've written the sample texts.
Once I add my open class vocabulary, I'll have a reference grammar complete
with sample texts.   Yes, I do most open-class vocabulary last.

I write a sample text sentence like this ...

Op lie/be*eus hetre woodpecker* fuer bie?

... and then use the Works "Replace" feature to replace all the English
words with asterisks ..

Op lageus hetre spext fuer bie?

? # lie/be-past.3.sing # it.nom # woodpecker.nom # for # near

Was there a woodpecker nearby?

I've taken a few words from English and German, but my most of my new words
are being lifted from an online English-Dutch dictionary.   Here's a few
paragraphs of a story that I wrote specifically to build up basic preschool


1e. My spouse and I wanted children very much, but doctors found that we
infertile.   Naturally, we decided to adopt a child.   Before we could find
a child whom
we could adopt, a strange thing happened.

1g. Potenu meen und ik krul vadelaik veulud barnuen Mar arestue findoom
zeeje vier
cral sienud.   Naturlaik ctimud vier duems uns barnoo ineemen.   Oerec vier
finden kanudai zoo vier ineemen kanudai Paseus rare verp.

2e. One night, we were (sitting) in chairs on our porch.   Loud tapping
sounds, we heard.  Was
there a woodpecker nearby?   We got a flashlight, and looked for the source
of the
tapping in our yard.   When we looked up the tree that stood in the front
yard, we saw a
huge egg in the branches.    Something that was inside the egg was tapping.
The egg
would hatch soon.

2g. An venast naxtas lagud vier in stoeluem an poortiekai uns.    Breetuent
tikenas 'hoerud.   Op lageus hetre spext fuer bie?   'Fahud fakyla Und
'baskud dat brona
dast tikenas in hofai unsyr.   Anec vier auf dat booma blikud zetre in dais
hofai fuer oer
standeus Augud vier roesat eeza in duems takuem.   Man tikeus zetre in dais
eezai lageus.
De ee utebroedeusai bold.

3e. We phoned the fire fighters.   At the fire station, the fire fighters
put on (donned)
special coats, hats, and boots.    They stepped into their big red fire
truck, and came to
our house.  One fire fighter wanted to cut the tree down with an axe.   But
the leader of
the fire fighters decided that he would use a ladder so that he could take
the egg down
from the tree.   Soon, the egg was safely on the ground.

3g. Vier foonud dausevyruen.    At dauspoostai antuzoom dues dausevyrue
jasuen, hautuen, und larsuen.   Hue stoopoom in groosat rad fire-loriza
hoesoe Und
kumoom at hausa unsyr.    Venus dausevyru veuleus dat booma durx beelas fuer
cnigen.   Mar dus bosevyru doesoet dausevyroesoe ctimeus dums hum zeeje hu
neutylai atec hu dat eeza need fram dat booma neemeusai.   Bold sienen de ee
an ardai.

4e. No one knew whose egg this was.   So, we phoned the police.    Two
officers arrived in a police car.    We asked them whether any big eggs had
been stolen.
They asked about this with their radio.   No one knew about an egg being
Suddenly, the egg cracked.   Water flowed out of the cracks, and the cracks
bigger.   Suddenly, the egg fell into pieces.    On the pieces lay a child.

4g. Narnu viteus voes de ee sieneus.    Soo vier foonud  poliesegroepoo.
poliesue inkumoom in poliesautozai.    'Fragud huem op arnues groos eezue
haboom.   Hue fragoom oovyr das durx dradeloosas hoesoe.   Narnu viteus
oovyr eeza
nikivez sienenas.   Pinklaik naleus de ee.    Vodyr flieteus ut duent naluen
Und dues
nalue verdoom groosmer.    Pinklaik faleus de ee in brokuen.   An duems
brokuem lageus

5e. "This child might be sick," said a police officer.  "Let's phone an
The ambulance arrived, and two paramedics put the child in the back seat.
ambulance drove past houses, a school, stores, the library, the police
station, the fire
station, and a church, to the hospital.   Doctors and nurses examined the
child, and said,
"This child seems healthy, but it is strange."

5g. «Dus barnu fyrgit donaid sienen.» sagit poliesu.   «Vier foon
De halvagen inkumeus Und teuzues clephalue stedoom doot barnoo in dat zetyla
boeftin.    De halvagen fareus seet hausuen, sturuen, dat buekecimyla, dat
poliespoosta, dat dauspoosta, und kyrka, at halpoosta.   Arestue und
helphalue nagoom
doot barnoo Und 'sagoom «Dus barnu cainit hail Mar 'sienit rar.»

6e. The child's skin was green.    On the child's face were two purple eyes.
the child cried, blue tears ran down its cheeks.    There were nostrils,
which the child
could close, but no nose.   Its mouth had thin lips, which hid triangular
teeth and a long
sticky tongue.    The child had no eyebrows or eyelashes, but each eye had a
third eyelid
like that of a bird.    The child's ears were pointed.

6g. Pelt doest barnoes sieneus groen.    An pusai doest barnoes lagoom
teuzues pyrpyl
augue.   Anec dus barnu kyrmeus Flietoom blauzues tarue need  kunuen hoes.
lagoom nyrsegatue da dus barnu dixten kaneusai mar narne nyrs.    Bek hoes
ronues lipue detre dreebeezuent tanduen  und lonat stikiedyl tona huedeus.
Dus barnu
habeus narnuent brauharuen of augharuen Mar de und ze aug habit dreezaifat
rum zast foogylas.   Arue barnoes sienit piek.

7e. The child had only three toes on each foot.   Definite ankles, knees,
elbows, or
wrists, the doctors could not find.    Furthermore, the doctors could not
find definite
joints at the shoulders and hips.   No nipples had the child on its chest
and no navel on its
belly.    The child's arms and legs bent wherever they needed to.   Did the
child have
bones?    Did it have a neck?    No one knew.

7g. Dus barnu habeus nur dreezuent teenuen an dais und zais spaugai.
Klincuent enkyluen, niezuen, elbooguen, of polsuen kanoom dues arestue
finden nik.
Und dues arestue kanoom klincuent booguen at duems caudyruem und hyrpuem
finden.    Narnuent speenuen habeus dus barnu an boezimai hoes und narnais
navyla an
byrkai hoes.    Armue und beenue hoes plaizoom verol hue nolen noodantai.
Op habit
dus barnu inbeenuen?    Op 'habit neka?    Narnu viteus.