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>* I'm trying to describe the rap-like speech of Jamaican hip-hop, i.e.
>"dance hall", "dub", "roots" etc..  I'd include Trinidadian English as
>expressed in the calypsos.

I have an album by a British group called "Basemen Jaxx" one of their
songs, "Jump and Shout" is written in the style of  dance hall, and Dub (i
think ;)). Here's some of it:

Bwoy out a road fi wi name dem a call
bout dem want fi dis Basement Jaxx after all
When we check it out dem a brain it small
Seven time rise seven time will fall
Dubplate pop out a mash up di dancehall
Crowd de pon di recieving end dema a bawl
Who dem bawl a for Basement name dem a call
True dem play sweet music fi one and all
Di people dem a beg di super DJ fi more
Because dem love di way we play di hardcore...

There's more. If anyone's interested I can provide the rest of the lyrics
(it's in the cover book that came with the CD). It's an interesting song.
I couldnt understand one bit of it until I bought the CD and read the
actual lyrics.


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