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>2000 CE:        C̣ssera asks to take part in the Eurovision song contest,
>they are

This is a good thing right? From what I hear from europeans on a message
board I visit, people think the Eurovision contest is highly cheesy.
>Here is a short example of Rumáno, the Short Obligatory Prayer of the
>Yo faciu testor, o mio dio, que tu mi as faito per aḍrarte e conhederte.
>faciu ora testor ala mia imbicilhedà e la tua podra, ala mia pobridà e la
>tua diudà. No es alho dio que tu, el oshilho delo perilho.
>I bear witness, o my god, that you made me to worship and know you. I bear
>witness now to my powerlessness and your might, to my poverty and your
>wealth. There is no other god than you, the help in peril.
>The final epithet of god, "the self sustaining" is not in the Rumáno text
>because I do not yet have a word to express this concept.
>Well, what do you think?

I like it, I like it a lot. Looks a bit portuguese to me.


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