> "Donald J. HARLOW" wrote:
>> You have to worry about the next generation.
>> It's interesting to note that a recent Secretary-General of the
>> Council of Europe, Daniel Tarschys, is an Esperantist. How did the
>> Esperanto movement every convince such an important person to
>> learn Esperanto? They didn't; they convinced a 15-year-old kid to
>> learn Esperanto some years ago. Similarly for former British Prime
>> Minister Harold Wilson (to name a couple of examples).

> mike farris wrote:
> Point one: I've always (always??? well for a while now at least) said
> that IALists are wasting their time if the focus on old fogies. They need
> to concentrate on youth (to do that of course, you've got to tie your
> IAL to a catchy, charismatic idea and no IAL has done that yet - no I don't
> think green stars and 'obeying' anything is going to be charismatic to what
> should be IAL's target audience).

Okay. So we need Spice Girls or some other already established
group of youth idols to change their language frome English to
some IAL. Has anyone mailed Sporty Spice about this? (Well I
guess that the Spice Girls already have had their fifteen
minutes in fame and they ar bygones now, but you'll get the idea.)
Of course, if the Pope would propose IAL someday it would be a
good thing too.

-Risto Kupsala-

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