FFlores mentioned a conlang translation of one's own national anthem.
I just thought of a neat exercise.

One of the greatest musical works of all time is the final movement of
Beethoven's final symphony, which of course includes a choral.  The
poem was written by a German (or Austrian?) named something like
Schiller, Schüller -- I forgot.

From what I've heard, "Joy" is the "national anthem" of the EU.  The
tune written by Ludwig Van is also used by several hymns.

And I was wondering if there was an Esperanto translation of the words
to that composition.  And the natural languages of Europe as well.

Speaking of national anthems, one of my more ambitious projects I might
attempt is a "theme and variations" arrangement with choral of the
Greek anthem "Hymn to Freedom".  All 158 verses of it in fact.  The big
inspiration to this is Rachmaninov's "Variations on a theme by
Paganini" (for piano and orchestra), one of my favorite diddies.

I've worked on the tunes for several anthems in my concultures,
including the nation of Techia, as well as the independent nations of
Texas and California (which eventually formed the Two Commonwealths) in
the world of "City".  (The political rhetoric of the state governments
isn't too far from that of the Republican National Conventionl if Pat
Buchanan would've stayed with the GOP...)


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