> From: Danny Wier
> FFlores mentioned a conlang translation of one's own national anthem.
> I just thought of a neat exercise.
> One of the greatest musical works of all time is the final movement of
> Beethoven's final symphony, which of course includes a choral.  The
> poem was written by a German (or Austrian?) named something like
> Schiller, Schüller -- I forgot.

Just happens to be one of my favorites.  Ode to Joy is the English title
given to the poem An die Freude by the German classical poet Friedrich von
Schiller.  The poem is best known because of its setting in the fourth
(final) movement of the Symphony Number 9 in D Minor, op. 125 (known as the
"Choral Symphony") by Beethoven.

> >From what I've heard, "Joy" is the "national anthem" of the EU.  The
> tune written by Ludwig Van is also used by several hymns.

Yep, in January 1972 the Council of Europe, the parliamentary assembly of
European countries in Strasbourg chose Ode to Joy as the European anthem.


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