On Sun, 27 Aug 2000, Wilfred G Telang Jr wrote:

> I received this message from Mr. Petry today, he says he did not destroy the
> materials you told me about and was only making a test. Read for yourself
> the message below. [remainder omitted for space]

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> From: "Robert J. Petry, C.L." <[log in to unmask]>
> To: Wilfred G Telang Jr <[log in to unmask]>
> Sent: August 27, 2000 3:57:23 AM GMT
> Subject: Re: Radicarium and other materials
> Sr. Telang,
> Thank you for your note.
> I have not, nor do I intend destroying any Occidental materials. I just
> posted
> a test to see if any of the IAL people on the internet had the wisdom to ask
> if
> it were true or not. [remainder omitted for space]

    Quite frankly, I suspect that many people who read Mr. Petry's
announcement about destroying Occidental materials took him literally
at his word for the simple reason that they could believe he would do
such a thing and had no reason to think that he was lying -- which, it
turns out, he was doing (i.e., lying).  Although I do not post, I do
subscribe to the Interlingue mailing lst on egroups, and I quickly got
the idea that he had not in fact destroyed all the materials as he had

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