From: Donald J. HARLOW <[log in to unmask]>
>Don't feel too sorry for me; being dissed by Bob in public (as much public
>as, I suppose, pays any attention to local-access "Code Sixty Four") is,
>IMHO, an honor, though I'll admit it's an honor I could live without.

Be the man Don! Let'em know whassup! Dude!
At least he didn't say anything about your lymph

It must really stink to have to resort to lies and
attacking folks on public TV... kind of reminds
me of the revolting end of the day lectures by
some freaky bishop at the end of all Spanish
TV progamming, at the end of each day during
the Franco era... Turns my stomach to remember
the hypocrisy and the venom they dished out...
same with folks like Petry and his cohorts who
can only breath virtual murder and mayhem on
everyone who dares voice an opinion different
than theirs... Power to the people! Let your
voice be heard!

Power to the people Don! Illegitimiti non carb...
hey, and they didn't carb at all did they... they
just fizzle and pop... like a dud firecracker they
just smell like kaka and wish they shone like

Since, keep the faith! :-)))
Jay B.