Are you a researcher?  You are invited to join the new Emergency
Medical Services for Children researcher listserv...

The National EMSC Data and Analysis Resource Center
(NEDARC), in  collaboration with the EMSC National Resource
Center (EMSC NRC) (both federally funded by the  EMSC program
of Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Human  Resources and
Services Administration), has launched a new  listserv designed to
meet the communication needs of researchers  working on EMSC
objectives.  This listserv is aimed at fostering collegial
collaborations and information exchange, including  postings of
interest to researchers related to funding, workshops,
conferences, calls for abstracts, methodologies, research design,
ethical issues, and similar topics.  This is not a forum for clinical or
politically-motivated discussions.  Our goal is to expand the
infrastructure of EMSC research and increase collaboration among
researchers from diverse backgrounds who can learn from each
other and thus be inspired to enhance the field, increasing both the
quality and quantity of EMSC-related research.

We define EMSC research as multidisciplinary, so that
researchers would come from various medical and nursing
subspecialties (critical care, emergency medicine, EMS,
pediatrics,  PEM, psychiatry, trauma, etc.) and pre-hospital care,
as well as  from health economics, sociology, anthropology,
psychology,  social work, etc.  Researchers who are interested in
or currently  conducting research related to emergency medical
services for  children (i.e., prevention, clinical issues, analyses of
social  interactions, health delivery systems, quality and cost,
mental and physical health services related to emergency care,
rehabilitation, etc.) are invited to join this listserv.


All messages are non-mime digested at 1:00 AM and delivered to
all. The messages are unmoderated and only members can post to
the list. We encourage you to keep the tone professional and
respect your colleagues as equal partners in the research
enterprise.  Please avoid "flaming", "SHOUTING" and other on-line
incivilities.  In addition, please remember that the EMSC program,
the NRC and NEDARC, are federally funded, so that statements
that may jeopardize future funding or support are strongly

To subscribe please send an e-mail to
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with the following information in the body of the message (Don't
forget to keep the subject line blank):

subscribe emscresearch <email address>  <firstname>
<lastname> <institutional affiliation> <phone number>

WARNING: Do not use a "hard" carriage return when typing your
subscription message, rather just continue to type and let the line
wrap around.

For example,

subscribe emscresearch [log in to unmask]  Isabelle
Melese-d'Hospital  EMSC National Resource Center 202-884-6859

If you have any difficulties with the subscription process, please
contact Brian Nordberg of NEDARC at
[log in to unmask]

We look forward to a productive exchange with you and all of our
EMSC researcher colleagues on the listserv!


Brian Nordberg of NEDARC and
Isabelle Melese-d'Hospital of EMSC NRC

For more information, send mail to [log in to unmask] with the message: info PED-EM-L
The URL for the PED-EM-L Web Page is: