> >ObConlang:  What do y'all call currencies in your languages, if any such
> >exist?

The isik [ísik], which is divided into 50 pishka [picka] (singular = pishk).

>Some red-blooded Americans feel that anyone who calls upon government
>to step in the way of progress and impose regulations upon business (even
>environmental ones) must be a Communist (just listen to Rush Limbaugh rant
>about environmentalism).  Likewise, the Esperantists, with their talk of
>"one world" and the organization of club "cells" that Esperantists form,
>suggest to the uninitiated "Communist sympathies."  In fact, we in America
>have a long history of hysterically declaring everything unfamiliar to be
>tainted with "Communism."  Even the word "socialism" has negative
>connotations here in America.

That's exactly it.

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