Yscrews il Danon Jones:

>Paedryc Dunnen re-scryfat:
>> I don't think we have suvs *there*. Cars, certainly and trucks.
>Bear in mind that over *here* in the UK, we don't really drive trucks the
>way you lot do in the US. We have far more cars, trucks are only used by
>manual labourers to carry stuff about in.

That's what I had in mind, more or less. Perhaps I should have said
"Cars, certainly, and big lorries with surly and muscular drivers
who are fond of catcalling and honking at any bird that walks by".

>> >To return to the languages: what other minority languages are there in
>> >Kemr?
>> Irish Gaelic, Bloody Saxon, Kerno, Hindi, Spanish, French, Romany,
>> at least. As far as I know, Wessic is only spoken on Isle of Wight.
>And of course, that little-known P-Celtic language in Cornwall which does
>*not* exist.

Which is why I _didn't_ mention it. Cos it _don't_ exist. Right?

>> >*there* they could have retained it.  And then there is no reason why
>> >P-Celtic should be completely extinct if pre-Celtic languages survived.
>> There is a P-Celtic tongue in the islands of the British Sea. I can
>> never remember the name, but it is a lovely sounding language.
>:o) Thank you! It's Arvorec, and there's an Arvorec immigrant community in
>the FK.

Indeed. Bloody nice folk, y Sarnow, and no mistake!