On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 01:39:02PM +0200, Mangiat wrote:
> H. S. Teoh wrote:
> > Any clues as to why yellow was "reserved to the girls"? If it's something
> > like red or pink, I'd understand, as that's basically a traditional thing;
> > but yellow? I mean, I always thought yellow was like for royalty or
> > something, nothing feminine about it. (Although my personal reason for
> > liking yellow is 'cos it feels "lush", whatever that means.)
> Well, these is the complete chart (as I remeber it):
> RED, BLUE and GREEN: male and female

RED is both male and female???? Hmm, that's very strange. At least in *my*
upbringing, red was distinctly, decidedly female. Even more so than pink,
believe it or not. Not that I care, since I don't like red anyway! :-)


Interesting. In my upbringing, white is the "neutral" color, whatever that

> BLACK, PURPLE (?),  BROWN: male (Uh-oh.. I terribly dislike all of these...:
> (

Eek. I dislike all of those too. :-) But where did this color stereotype
come from anyway? any history behind it, or is it just something passed on
from generation to generation?