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>Tagalog/Spanish? Do you mean "Tagalogcized Spanish", "Spanish words used
>in Tagalog", or "Tagalog, Spanish"?

    I lil of all of the above.. ::wry grin::... a lotta language switching
use to occur.
    Overall, Caos Pidgin is used by Verdeans who tend to be multilingual, but
use Caos Pidgin as their lingua franca & seek to spred its use over the
Internet & other _CyberSpazi_ media (ConCulture date: 2068 CE). Verdean
_CaosCultura_ - especially their _Soni-Creati_ - is very popular amongst
young (& young-at-heart) rebels worldwide (especially in cultures &
subcultures opposed to the insidious spread of _Globalista Anglo-Lingo_ and
it's close rivals _Spano-Lingo_ & _Sino-Lingo_).
    Due to the use of CyberMedia & Internet, there are many non-Verdeans who
are fluent in Caos Pidgin due to this. Some even have "earned" honorary
citizenship - even with diplomatic status in some cases (to protect them from
human rights abuses) - for their creative use & spreading of Caos Pidgin and
     Thus what was a pidgin is really a creole (having had nearly 100 yrs of
use). It is still being called "Caos Pidgin" out of local identity & a sense
of historical pride.


"It would be ironic if the answer to Babel
were pidgin and not Pentecost."
- George Steiner,  _After Babel:
  Aspects of Language & Translation_