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>Am I a white man, or a American-European?
>Means basically the same thing, but in the end result it does not?

    Well historically the concept of who & what constituted "White" (or just
a couple decades ago "Anglo-Saxon" & pre-WW2 "Aryan") has been "rather vague"
and dependent on the socio-cultural milieu.
    Example: up to as late as the 1960's, Italian-Americans were not
classified as "Caucasian" but were labeled "Latinate." Slavic people were
also labeled as something less than "white."
    Around the late 19th Century & early 20th, Irish were also specifically
labeled non-Anglo-Saxon (I forget the actual wordings the government & other
institutions of power used).

    The whole idea of a "White race" and "White-ness" is a myth. There are no
"White" people.
    Racial classification ideas are cultural artifacts of Romantic Era
(Romantic Error) "science" and "biology" and have no basis in real science
and biology.
    Time to dump this load of garbage...