> ObConlang:  What do y'all call currencies in your languages, if any such
> exist?

Extracted from my still developing "Teach yourself Gevey" webpages:

Yes, there is such a thing as money on the continent of Ewlah. And
money and trade have played an  important role in the spread of the
Gevey language across much of the eastern plains and central
highlands of the continent.


Typically, each land (often each city) mints its own money, though
various denominations circulate and  are accepted across the
continent. Gevey copes with this multitude of different coins by
making use of  two words: *numpuu*, which is a widely recognised
standard against  which other denominations can be measured (in fact
the "nump" is the coinage issued by the city of  Ramaja, far to the
north - which has the bonus of also meaning "leaf" in Gevey), and
*stae˝guu* "money", which will usually be taken to mean the local

In Gevilla, the local currency is the *swaedhuu* which translates
literally  as "coin". The local exchange rate ranges between 4 and 6
swaedhuush to one numpuu. The cost of a beer averages out at about 150
swaedhuush - which means today's exchange rate could be better.


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