Thomas G. Irons, Jr.wrote:
>I don't think the question here is whether we as divers are personally
>responsible for other people's trash.  What's wrong with contributing to
>upkeep of a resource you enjoy?

Ron Lee then wrote:
>Frankly, this assumed responsibility is contrived.  I do not litter
>on land, on boats or while diving.  So don't even suggest that I should
>be required to pick up after other people.  Go after the litterers, not

I agree with Ron here. I am sick of being the good 'dobee' and cleaning up
other peoples crap.  What is effectually done with this bandaid solution is
to ENABLE those who perform such acts with a disregard for community or
nature.  The problem is in the tolerance of the behavior. Having mommy pick
up after you is not a healthy behavior, developmentally or in adulthood.

<COFFEE alert - Soap box evangelizing here ....>
IMHO, our (USA) society has become so entangled in 'disposable this', 'throw
away that', 'bigger and newer' that we have begun to loose accountability.
Force a severe penalty on folks who litter. Put the unemployed to work, paid
for by heavy fines.  But don't come to me with yet another do-good bullshit
program that requires me to cleanup after some jerk who hasn't a clue.

<whew! ...>