At 12:24 PM 8/31/2000 -0400, Brad Stambaugh wrote:

>Now, I have a question about an unusual mask that I saw, and it happens
>at a good time, as I have a feeling I might have a possible ear
>infection from yesterdays dive.  The mask is made by Oceanic, and is
>called ProEar. It has a water proof chamber for each ear and a tube
>connecting the chambers with the mask. It is claimed to solve ear
>Click on the link below for a look at this unusual mask.
>>>>>>>Does anybody have experience or opinions about this?  Would you
>laugh at the person wearing the strange contraption?

I would strongly doubt its worth.  Two more waterproof seals around the
ears, and the mask is presumed to stay on the whole dive, I guess, to get
the benefit.

I don't have that much tension on my mask when I dive.  Thinking about it,
it will probably leak air from bad seals around the ears and suck it in
from the mask edge when one's posture is horizontal, looking down.

>Oceanic Worldwide
>Thanks, Brad
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