Kuty writes:
> At 07:53 11/09/00 -0700, Kent Smith wrote:
> >
> >Now I am really confused. How can you judge Aldo's worthiness
> >as a human being? It was Michael who decided to take a private
> >post public, which is a gross breach of netiquette.

FWIW, I'm reminded of the adage of: "two wrongs don't make a right".

Now I don't know (nor do I particularly care) what kind of spats have
occurred _elsewhere_, but here is not there, so allowing it to transcend
into this forum from wherever else does seem a bit inconsiderate.

> Read again the private post.  If you don't see anything wrong
> with it, then I won't be able to explain.

I _suspect_ that I see/understand what the offense was, but I'm not
completely positive that I am interpreting what I perceived correctly.   As
such, I invite any party who cares to drop me an offline note to verify what
I think I saw.  Even if I'm correct, I don't know how profound it really is,
but that's another subject for another thread (and probably a different
group, too).

> About netiquette:  If I would have replied to your last mail
> to the list, privately, calling you names - would you think it was
> a breach of netiquette to send it to the list - to show the others
> what a creep I was?

IMO, it depends on what your ethics are regarding the confidentiality of
private email.  On that subject, many individuals take what seems at the
time to be easy way out by allowing their choice to be situationally
dependant, but this approach leads to yet another dangerously slippery

ObScuba:  a comment on the original content of this thread will follow.

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