On Wednesday, September 13, 2000 12:34 PM, Quinn wrote:

> Aldo wrote;
> > Levy ... a jewish surname ...

> To which I wrote:

In part!

> >>The very FACT that you raise the issue in the first place bears witness
> >>the fact that you are a racist

> In response, Nick Simicich wrote (at the proding of David Strike):

Rules is rules.  I don't think that anyone needs 'proding' from me to
recognise a breach?

> > Strike.
> Hmmm .... I don't think that qualifies as a strike for name calling or
> personal attack.

When somebody uses the second person singular, (ie. 'you'), it's generally
regarded as applying to the person to whom the comment is directed.

>But maybe I'm more calloused then others.  I'll accept it,
> not complain or whine, and maintain my position.

As I do mine for the comments that earned me a 'strike'.