Hi, I'm Carl Muhlhausen, been on the list for a relatively short time
and this is my first posting. I've enjoyed the more polite tone found
here compared to other scuba forums and the level of discussion is a cut
above what I've seen elsewhere. I'm a relative newbie diver (~50 dives)
and consider myself still in the rapid learning phase of diving.

Anyway, this post is related to the thread on "scuba cleanups". I'd like
to invite NJ locals or anyone in the
vicinity to this year's Belmar Back Bay Clean-up Dive on Saturday,
September 16th, 8:00AM. It's sponsored by the Divers Two shop in Avon,
NJ, with which I have no affiliation other than having done my AOW with
them and regularly diving in the Bay on their "Happy Hour" dives.

On the clean up dive, the Bay will be closed to all boat traffic. They
expect several hundred divers to participate. The diving is shallow
(<25'), warm (~70 deg F) this time of year, and the bay abounds in a
wide variety of marine life, which is why I never get bored diving
there. Vis is usually around 10-15' which is ok by local standards.
Dives usually last 1 -1.5hours.

On the clean up dive, we'll be picking up assorted trash on the bottom,
while we explore various parts of the bay. It's a good publicity event
for the local diving scene and perhaps may educate the public about
keeping the bay clean. Bring a "goody" (game) bag if you can.

Getting on soapbox:
(Personally I'd like to see litterers publicly flogged, but figure
events like this can let some people know that the bays and oceans
aren't a large garbage dump.
In my 20 years in NJ, I've seen the ocean and bays go from disgusting to
beautiful places with clean (pretty clean anyway) water and thriving
marine life. Events like this can let the public, lawmakers,
and those that would like to exploit the oceans, that there's a lot of
us who care about the ocean here in NJ.)

Getting off soapbox.

For details you can contact Divers Two at 732.776.7755 or Carol Midili,
who's running the show, at 732.728.1581. You can also email me for
information and I'll do my best.

On my past dives there I've seen hundreds of crabs,
many of the native fish: fluke, sea robins, small blackfish, etc.
This time of year we have tropical fish appearing in the bay, very
pretty but I'm not familiar with the species. The past two times I've
seen largish eels, smallish puffer fish, a pair of mating whelks, a
needle nose fish, and a goodly sized striped bass. Every time it's
something different.

Dive Directions:

We meet at the Belmar Marina on Rt. 35 in Belmar. From the west take I
195 until it turns into Rt. 38/138. From the North or South take the GSP
exit 98 and get on Rt. 38/138 east to Belmar. At the end of
Rt. 38/138 take the left lane exit to Rt. 35 North, Belmar. You'll see
Shark River bay immediately on your left. Go past a small park on the
left and a traffic light at the intersection with "L" street. You'll see
a small beach on the left. Make the first left turn into the marina
after the beach. If you miss the left just turn into the Marina and work
your way through the parking lot back towards the beach. Park as close
to the beach as you can. (this is the east side of the beach, but it
will feel like the north end).


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