I wrote:
"...and the scarcity of information on Glossa/Romaico/Italiote Greek
on the Web..."

     Allow me to correct myself.  Glossa/Gr(a)ecanic/Romaico/Griko does have
a small web presence.  I collected the following websites earlier today:

General Information:
An excellent site (in Catalan) regarding minority languages in Europe; there
is a page on Griko.

No doubt, many are familiar with this website (in Basque and English); you
may not have known that there is a section on Griko.

Coordinamento Associazioni della Grecža Salentina
Political and Historical information about the Greek spoken around the area
of Otranto in the Salentine peninsula.

Soleto On-Line
A rather graphic-intensive website regarding the same.  Warning: lots and
lots of frames.

Stampato C. 3249
Draft of a law regarding protection of the Italiote Greek dialects in

Grammar of Specific Dialects:
Salentine Greek
This site has a remarkable amount of material on the dialect of Greek spoken
in Puglia.

Grika Milume
Another impressive site detailing the Greek of Salento.

Christus Rex
This is an evangelic website which has versions of the Pater Noster in most
ethnic languages (and even a few conlangs).  I've seen plenty of mistakes in
their texts, so take them with a grain of salt (or better, an entire

The Two Sicilies
It would appear that the South of Italy has spawned its own secessionist
movement to mirror that of the North.  They have propagandistic texts in
most languages, including Grecanico.

One of G. Morosi's poems
Ada Manfreda has reproduced one of the Griko poems published by Morosi in

Sources for more texts:
Istituto Comprensivo Castignano de'Greci
These folks publish references for Apulian Greek.

The Graecanic Lexicon:
This site hosts sound files of sentences and individual words being
pronounced by a number of native speakers from both Calabria and Puglia, in
addition to plenty of information regarding both communities.

The Republic of Molossia
The independent "Republic of Molossia" (Nevada, USA; pop. 4) has, as one of
its official languages, Griko.  There is a brief description of the grammar
of this language.

    To my knowledge, there also exists a Bible in Griko, published in the
last century by Giuseppe Viola; and there are a few more references to 19th
century fieldwork in the area.

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