On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Nik Taylor wrote:

>Padraic Brown wrote:
>> Except that the s of estrecho _is_ syllable final: es-tre-cho (if I
>> remember right)!
>Exactly, which was my point.  It would give the same result as the rule
>referred to earlier, but just in a tidier, and, I would think, more
>plausible way.

Huh? But "s" wasn't lost _except_ in the word front clusters esC-;
which is why I formulated the rule in this way:

>> But tesorero, carros, etc. Like "S remains unchanged except when
>> found
>> in initial clusters (i.e. esC-), where it originally became H, then
>> dropped out."
>How about just, /s/ is lost in syllable-final position?

This would get rid of _all_ esses in syllable final position, right?
I though Barry only wanted to get rid of esses in one position. Thus
he'd have el etrecho / los etrechos (rather than el etrecho / lo
etrecho). I see I should not have estrecho in my own example, as
that's an ess he wants to be rid of. I should have used tesorero,
which would become teorero with your rule, I believe.