Padraic Brown wrote:
> >> Except that the s of estrecho _is_ syllable final: es-tre-cho (if I
> >> remember right)!
> Huh? But "s" wasn't lost _except_ in the word front clusters esC-;
> which is why I formulated the rule in this way:

Right, my proposal was simply a broader, and in my mind, more plausible,
rule.  Your point up there made it sound like my rule would've caused a
different turn out in estrecho.

> I should have used tesorero,
> which would become teorero with your rule, I believe.

No, because that's te-so-re-ro, the s is syllable-initial, thus would be
preserved.  My rule differs *only* in the treatment of word-final s's,
which would be preserved under your rule, and lost under mine.

No, I take that back, you said "initial consonant clusters", so a word
like _maestro_ would become _maetro_ under my rule, but _maestro_ under
yours, I believe.  I didn't notice the restriction to word-initial
clusters, so mine would be more different than I'd thought.

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