> Dievas dave dantis; Dievas duos duonos
> God gave teeth; God will give bread - Lithuanian proverb

>> How would that be translated in your Conlangs?

In Skerre:
U jas cacari su hok; tota u ki jas klaso.

U    jas  cacari  su    hok; tota  u   ki  jas  klaso.
IMPF give teeth towards us   then IMPF IRR give food.
'Teeth were given to us, then food will be given to us.'

Abbreviations:  IMPF=imperfective  IRR=irrealis (I must admit that all this
talk of the irrealis has made me add this feature to Skerre).

The use of the medio-passive construction here reflects a current Skerre
philosophical thinking that does not assume where the teeth or food comes

And on a another note I would like to announce that a Skerre website is now
on the web.  The URL is  I admit that it is
somewhat cheapily done using templates provided by and the
conversion of a Word document to an HTML document (No hard-coding of HTML
was involved and no WYSIWYG software was used, since I don't currently know
HTML, and don't currently own any WYSIWYG software). Since this site is such
a beta site, I'd especially like to hear your comments on how I could better
present my language and/or things that you think should be on the pages that
currently aren't, so when I can and do move up to the next website level, I
don't have to be so apologetic.