Padraic Brown wrote:
> "Tehhewas-cas tomtahaams-tas toohit-he : tehhewas-cas taamtar-tan
> taahti." In Talarian. Really means "...; God will give meat." Just
> a minor semantic shift.

*MINOR* semantic shift???  From healthy, tasteful, delicious bread to
stinking, unhealthy, barely digestable dead meat??? (Or do you mean
living flesh, which is, however, equally remote, and the thought
of eating it even more disgusting?)  Are you kidding?

(Sorry, couldn't resist...)

I haven't yet decided on the Nur-ellen word for "meat", but whatever it
it is not commonly classified as an edible substance.  (Elves are
of course vegetarians.)  In fact, a frequently used derogative kenning
for an evil-minded foreigner translates as "meat-eater"!