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> Padraic Brown wrote:
> > "Tehhewas-cas tomtahaams-tas toohit-he : tehhewas-cas taamtar-tan
> > taahti." In Talarian. Really means "...; God will give meat." Just
> > a minor semantic shift.

> *MINOR* semantic shift???  From healthy, tasteful, delicious bread
> to
> stinking, unhealthy, barely digestable dead meat??? (Or do you mean
> living flesh, which is, however, equally remote, and the thought
> of eating it even more disgusting?)  Are you kidding?

> Joerg.

Actually, as far as i know, something like _lahhma_ in Arabic means
"meat", while the Hebrew word _lehhem_ means "bread".  And, of course,
the root LHhM means "to wage war"  :-) .

Rokbeigalmki (unfinished):

KabŠkha uhzu-dal (tooth)m, KabŠkha uhzii-dal (bread).

The Rokbeigalm probably concieve of bread as a special kind of food,
since it needs to be prepared by a long process which completely changes
it from grain to bread, instead of other foods like fish or fruit which
are pretty much WYSIWYG.

-Stephen (Steg)
 "mai hhazit?"