For Ajuk:

taliesin the storyteller wrote:
> A classic question is: how do you count to ten in your conlang?

one - uz /uz/
two - zevir /ze.'vir/
three - drevir /dre.'vir/
four - ver /ver/
five - vuk /vuk/
six - zek /zek/
seven - tev /tev/
eight - itej /itej/
nine - eon /e.on/

> Generalizing:
>  - do you form ordinals from cardinals? how? if not, how?
Yes. Ordinals are formed by adding the suffix -en to the number, from
there it's treated as an adjective.

nomapi       uzenot             ladesh
[I.masc.gen] [one.ord.inan.nom] [car.nom]
/'nom.ap.i/  /'uz.en.ot/        /lad.'esh/
"my first car"

Erapi         zevirenoto         sereko         upoti         Ajuk
[he.masc.gen] [two.ord.inan.acc] [language.acc] [be.inan.3rd] [Ajuk.nom]
/'er.ap.i/    /ze.'vir.en.ot.o/  /ser.'ek.o/    /'up.ot.i/    /ai.'uk/
"Ajuk is his second language"

I haven't thought about the rest of them.