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>>Obconlang: how are units of time handled in conlangs?  And I've been
>>wondering how many natlangs have 7-day "weeks," and what other
>>day-groupings are common.

The Saalangal have a calendar of lets see if I can remember (i'm too lazy
to go digging through my stuff to find it :))....

10 days

4 weeks

9 months

an extra special month of 5 days (basically, which is actually a festival)

so, we get 365 days.

The months are named after deities/elements, the weeks after fire, water,
air, and I think earth. The days are named after deities/elements as well.

The date is said: number of the day + number of the week + number of the
month + year. So, we could have a date of:  "3 air 4 earth 9 death 2000"
(please dont ask for deity names lol. I'd have to go look them up right
now ;))