On Mon, 18 Sep 2000, Jörg Rhiemeier wrote:

>Padraic Brown wrote:
>> "Tehhewas-cas tomtahaams-tas toohit-he : tehhewas-cas taamtar-tan
>> taahti." In Talarian. Really means "...; God will give meat." Just
>> a minor semantic shift.
>*MINOR* semantic shift???  From healthy, tasteful, delicious bread to
>stinking, unhealthy, barely digestable dead meat??? (Or do you mean
>living flesh, which is, however, equally remote, and the thought
>of eating it even more disgusting?)  Are you kidding?

Well, if your culture is one that relies mostly on animal husbandry
for its sustenance (milk, cheese, wool, leather, hides and meat);
then bread takes a lesser prominence. Farming is fairly new for them.

>(Sorry, couldn't resist...)


>I haven't yet decided on the Nur-ellen word for "meat", but whatever
>it is, it is not commonly classified as an edible substance.  (Elves
>are of course vegetarians.)  In fact, a frequently used derogative
>kenning for an evil-minded foreigner translates as "meat-eater"!

How did this come about?