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"Paul O. Bartlett" wrote:

> On Sat, 23 Sep 2000, Ken Caviness wrote (small excerpt):
> > On the balance, I feel that Esperanto's accented characters are an
> > improvement over the other options I'm aware of:
>     Obviously, Ken, we disagree. :-)  I am willing to accept practical
> considerations into the calculus of competing values and am willing to
> allow some practical considerations to overrule theoretical purism.  On
> that basis I consider that the Esperanto supersigned letters should be
> abolished if ever Esperanto becomes a truly widely used auxiliary
> language.  I am not aware myself of any Esperanto reform project which
> did not junk the supersigned letters.  (Of course, there could be one I
> am not aware of.)  Those letters are the single most constant criticism
> of the language that I can think of.

One of the most dangerous (and practical) things that Lech Walesa said in
early Solidarity days (before his ego crushed his personality) was
"Don't burn down (communist) party headquarters, ignore them."
Let's turn this to Eo screaming-pain-in-the-ass letters (as so lovingly
described by a printing professional with years of experience with them)
Don't abolish Eo chapelitoj, just don't use them.
Enough options in actual use are out there, only one has the official
blessing of Zhof though (guess which)