>Yesterday we were reviewing the passive voice in my French class, and
>one of the points the teacher made quite emphatically is that the active
>voice is preferred.  I know that this is also the case with English,
>although I could never understand it.  The only explanation I've ever
>gotten is that it's not as powerful as active but I don't really buy
>that.  Are any of your conlangs prejudiced against the passive voice?
>Or any other voice for that matter?  (Mine aren't)

There's no such formation as the passive voice, although there are
formations that mimic it. For example:

Asajar      kaemi          jbujan.
asaj    ar  kae mi         jbu     jan
excl-we ERG do  1pPlPstSim mistake PlABS
"We made mistakes."

Jbujan kaemi asajar.
"Mistakes were made by us."

Jbujan kaemi.
"Mistakes were made."

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