On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, The Gray Wizard wrote:

> > From: nicole perrin
> >
> > To the people with vertical scripts:  great, variety is a good thing.
> > To all the people with native scripts:  please, do send images, because
> > we definitely want to be able to include them.
> Nicole, I am still not clear on what type/size/resolution image file you
> will need for the conscripts.  How will these be transferred to the shirt
> and how do we insure that if the image is stretched that it is not
> distorted?

I wouldn't mind this information either, since I'll be using an artpad to
render my conscript.  But wouldn't proportional resizing do the trick
without distortion as long as it wasn't too much smaller than the
original?  <puzzled look>  I don't really know a lot about computer art
or graphics formats, though.

For Chevraqis, if the script gets distorted, I'll just pretend it was a
calligrapher expermenting.  =^)  But I can see where it'd be a concern
for other scripts.