Hey, y'all. Just to keep you updated about my previous questions about
Univeristy and such. I went down to the Ontario University Fair today &
yesterday, and looked at various universities propoganda and lies. :o)

I went to information sessions for the University of Toronto and
Carleton University, which I knew have linguistics programs. U of T is
the larger of the two schools, but I have no idea which is better.

Of the 19 universities at the Fair, the following have linguistics
U of Toronto
U of Ottowa

Also, Windsor has a "Language & Logic" program, and when I inquired
about it, it involves studying another language and all that, and some
linguistics courses. Also, there are enough linguistics programs in
other programs available to someone in Language & Logic that one could
get as good (or so they claim) education in linguistics as at any other
university; however, it's not a full-fledged department, and some of
these Linguistics courses are in French.

I really don't know enough about the Universities to know where to look
now for info. My cousin went to Queen's, in the Arts & Sciences faculty,
but not linguistics. I could ask her, but that wouldn't give me much of
an insight into the Linguistics program, rather, an insight into the

My father is a U of T grad, he wants me to go there. I've heard its a
very good school in general, but I know nothing about it's linguistics

I know very little about McMaster or U of Ottawa, but I haven't heard
anything bad about them.

Also, McGill in Montreal is a good school in general, but I couldn't
learn any about it today, as it's in Quebec, not Ontario.

So... If anyone knows anything (or knows anyone who knows anything)
about these schools and/or their Linguistics programs, I'd be very