nicole perrin wrote:

> 1)  That the t-shirt gets made

Absolutely the most important point.

> 2)  That any and all languages worked on or made by conlang list members
> are included if     the member so wishes

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Auxlang *or* artlang, if it's created
by a list member it belongs on the shirt.

> 3)  That "classic" conlangs get included -- Quenya, Sindarin, Klingon
> (but isn't the     lexicon completely copyright protected), SolReSol,
> perhaps Bala-i-balan if possible

This depends on whether we want this to be a CONLANG-only or general
conlang thing.

> Well, I'm going to start looking into how much it's going to cost us to
> print these and where the best place to do so is.  If anyone has
> suggestions for the sentence on the shirt, please email me (come on
> guys, I know you're all creative enough to come up with *something*).

Some ideas:

1. What are you looking at?
2. Stop reading my mind.
3. If you can read this, you must be on CONLANG.
4. Isn't this shirt cool?
5. Your language goes here. (the phrase for the last shirt attempt)
6. If I were left alone, this is what I'd be doing all the time.

That's all I can think of for now. ;)

I would also suggest that we include a packet with interlinears &
translations to be shipped along with each shirt. Kinkos can make
hundreds of copies for supercheap.

> Nicole

Daniel Seriff
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